Massage is a form of manipulation of the superficial and deep layers of the muscles of the body, probably the oldest therapeutic tool that the human used to provide himself with a natural resource against pain.

Eibys offers you a wide range of possibilities to relax in Ibiza, do not hesitate to consult with our agents the services available.

BACH FLOWERS Duration 45 min. 60o

Bach Flowers are a therapeutic method based on the energetic vibration of flowers and how this vibration harmonizes our body, mind and soul. They are a deep means of transformation as it allows to incorporate harmonic qualities into our being, thus becoming facilitators of our integral growth as people.

INTEGRAL PODAL REFLEXOLOGY Duration 45 min. 60o Duration 60 min. 80o

It consists of the application of massage in specific areas or reflex areas of the feet, which correspond to each of the organs, glands and structures of the body. Ideal for tired legs and feet. It activates circulation and provides a feeling of a deep relaxation throughout the body.


Duration: 60 min. 90

Duration: 80 min. 120

This massage is designed to work on the deepest layers of muscle tissue. It’s

goal is to release chronic tendencies of tension in the body slow through movements and

deep pressure.

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Duration 60 min. 80o

Doulas accompany the family throughout the maternity/paternity process, from before
conception, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, lactation and parenting. Merging the task of
with psychological and emotional support throughout the stage of motherhood. Stressing
in: The bond and connection with the baby. Fears related to pregnancy and childbirth. How
cope with pain in childbirth. Advice on natural breeding and childhood disorders.


Duration 60 min. 70

The practice of Reiki is the channeling of Universal Energy to harmonize the body, the
mind and spirit through the hands. Gemotherapy and bio-resonating filters will help balance the chakras and organs, systems and emotions that are associated with them.


Duration: 60 min. 90th Duration: 80 min. 120o

It is based on the unlocking of Sen lines (energy channels) by means of pressures and stretches.
To do this, the therapist uses her entire body and body weight.


Duration 60 min. 100

Groups: Plus of 10 per additional person.

Likewise, yoga allows us to develop another aptitude: concentration, understood as

expanded attention in a relaxed state, and avoiding all tension.
As a consequence of this,

the quieting of mental activity occurs.
Then, harmony is achieved and


is established

in our body and mind.


Duration 60 min. 80o

It is a consultation that guides the patient on his current condition and provides him with some resources to be able to live in a more satisfactory and full way through systemic therapy, family constellations. The consultation will be conducted by a holistic-branched clinical psychologist.


Duration 60 min. 90th Duration 75 min. 110

An une temperate harmonic richness bathes our body and mind with exquisite vibrations without
sound limitations. These harmonies, in keeping with our body and mind, help
to restore imbalances and to provide feelings of inner harmony and well-being.