Private Yoga classes at your Villa or on your Yacht

A deep immersion through yoga and meditation on yourself, enjoying the beauty of life, releasing toxins from the body, mental stress, clearing negative emotions, breathing deeply and feeling such relaxation within you that life will become a full loving journey of bliss.


Experience wellness excellence with our online classes from the comfort of your home


Find serenity and balance with our yoga and meditation sessions

Online group yoga

Join our online group yoga sessions and experience connection and serenity

Prenatal Yoga

Our specialized classes A space dedicated to mothers and babies to nourish the body and mind.

The rural and natural corners of Ibiza transmit peace, invite meditation, practice yoga, relax with a spa treatment, take care of yourself inside and out …

We propose you to do a private yoga class at home, either in your hotel or your private villa, a professional teacher will travel so that you do not have to move from “home” and enjoy your moment of relaxation completely.

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