Miguel Oliver

Owner & Director of Eibys

Miguel Oliver

C.E.O of Eibys.

Real Estate Agent and founder of EIBYS LUXURY & DREAMS fully familiar with the local market and committed to providing a personalized service for you. Our company motto is “There is nothing more important than a satisfied customer”.

Its main functions in the company are:

* Provide the entire database of our company.

* Contribute a large portfolio of customers

* Help with mortgage paperwork for purchase (whenever necessary).

* Obtain the Foreign Exchange Certificate (only for non-EU residents) if the money comes from abroad.

* Apply for Military Permit (only for non-EU residents). Prepare the necessary documentation in time for the Notary, requesting an appointment and contributing to it as many documents as necessary.

* Go to the Notary to sign the Public Deed, payment and delivery of possession of the property, as well as the Habitability Cell.

* Take the deed to the Land Registry and settle fees and taxes..

* Go to the companies supplying water, electricity, telephone, etc… to change the ownership of the contracts.

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